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Lake City, MI | August 17-21

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Welcome to the Sixth Annual International Unbound Student Event


[blits] | noun

1. a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task


[a-peks] | noun

1. a five-day student event, created by students and for students, where you will experience the networking power of a conference, the learning opportunities of a convention, and the fun, recreation, and friendships of a college campus—all condensed into one all-inclusive, jam-packed week


Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Martin Luther, If You Can Keep It, Bonhoeffer, Amazing Grace, Miracles, Seven Women, and Seven Men. His books have been translated into more than twenty-five languages. He is the host of the Eric Metaxas Radio Show — the “Show about Everything” — which is a two-hour daily nationally-syndicated radio program heard in more than 120 cities around the U.S. and via podcast in over 80 countries that features in-depth interviews with a wide variety of guests. Metaxas speaks to thousands around the U.S. and internationally each year. He was the keynote speaker at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC. ABC News has called him a “photogenic, witty ambassador for faith in public life,” and The Indianapolis Star described him as “a Protestant version of William F. Buckley." Metaxas is a Senior Fellow and Lecturer at Large for the King’s College in New York City. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and daughter. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Phylicia Masonheimer

Phylicia is an author, speaker, and founder of Driven Women, a community teaching Christians how to follow Christ’s call in work, home, and the world. A graduate of Liberty University, she worked for LU for five years as a homeschool recruiter and admissions counselor. After working in higher education as an independent contractor, she started her own marketing, online course and ebook business. She writes about the Bible, productivity, and sexuality on her website, and recently signed a contract with Harvest House Publishers for a book coming out in Spring 2020. She lives with her husband, Josh, and daughters in Petoskey, Michigan.

Benjamin Hardy

Benjamin Hardy has been studying psychology, neuroscience, business, spirituality, and marketing for the past 10 years. He is nearing the completion of his PhD in Organizational Psychology and his writing is viewed by millions of people monthly and is featured on Forbes, Fortune, Psychology Today, CNBC, Cheddar, Big Think, iHeart Media, and many others. Benjamin Hardy has been the #1 most-read writer on Medium.com since late 2015. He has grown his email list from 0 to nearly 400,000 followers in the past 3.5 years without any paid advertising. He is the author of the bestselling book, Willpower Doesn’t Work. Ben and his wife, Lauren, are the parents of 5 children — three adopted from foster care and two twin girls. They live in Orlando, Florida, and you’ll regularly find them at a Disney park. His most humbling and powerful learning happens in the home as he strives to be a caring and present husband and father.

Jonathan Brush

Jonathan Brush is a homeschool graduate and homeschool dad of six. He worked for almost eleven years in higher education admissions, including nine years as a Director of Admissions for a private, liberal arts college. Jonathan is currently a part of Lumerit Unbound where he has done everything from admit students to field questions about Rule 4 violations (ask an Unbound student to explain). Right now he is the Director of Student Life and Director of the Business and Leadership Program for Lumerit Unbound. Jonathan speaks to families and groups across the country about the new way to do higher education, better ways to train for life, the excitement and adventure of raising a family, and how to be extraordinary at ordinary things. Jonathan and his family make their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Blitz Sessions

Four Unbounders will be chosen to speak at APEX 2019 and receive free registration. Applications have closed. Stay tuned to see the selected speakers!

Blitz Session Speakers

Donnie Emmack (Unbound Alumni)

Starting a Business from Scratch: The goal of this Blitz Session will be to give the students and alumni who attend APEX all of the main considerations they need to examine in order to start their own small business. There are many young entrepreneurs who may want to start their own businesses but have no idea how. The goal of this session will be to help them gain insight into the three top steps that they need to get going and grow.

Amanda Beguerie (Unbound Senior)

We all come into this world being told that if only we work hard enough, we’ll achieve the success and happiness we crave. And yet, when we realize that every one of us wrestles with brokenness and carries our own story of pain, the message of hustle and happiness suddenly seems so empty. In this BLITZ session, we’ll look at the reality of life’s heartache and pain — and the practical, grounding joy that invites us to thrive in the midst of the mess.

JT Schaeffer (Unbound Alumni)

Identifying, Dealing With, and Avoiding Burnout: I've been a part of the Unbound community since the legendary Ice Gathering (ask around, you'll get some great stories), and I've experienced first-hand just how chock full of driven individuals this community is. Often with that kind of drive and focus, there are those, like me, who overdo it sometimes. So I am creating a Blitz session to help the Unbound community identify where they may be experiencing burnout, what to do about it, and how to avoid it in the future.

Victoria Groves (Unbound Alumni)

Eyes Opened Wide: I want to offer you the opportunity to open your eyes to a new way of seeing the world. A way in which you can change your perspective, turn your focus away from your own daily struggle in life, and find a place to use your gifts and passions to make a difference. I think we’ve all heard the phrases “blessed to bless” or “created to serve”. But...WHY? How does serving others affect me? Can serving actually do more harm than good? How do I make time for and find a place to serve? We’ll answer these questions and more as we dive into the topic of serving!

The Blitz Games

At APEX 2019, we are taking the small group experience to even greater heights. Four teams will race to the summit, battling each other in an ultimate challenge of wits and strength.

Four Peaks. One Champion.










New to Unbound? Get a clear idea of what to expect as an Unbound student from the orientation session at APEX! It's the perfect welcome for students launching into their Unbound journey! You'll be equipped with helpful tips and advice, and introduced to a community of support. Inspiration begins here!


The graduation ceremony at APEX is specifically designed to be a unique experience, combining the traditional pomp and circumstance with the adventure of Unbound to bring a world of students together. Don a cap and gown and come walk alongside your fellow world campus graduates.

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Timber Wolf Lake Camp

Lake City, MI

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Ends June 30th

Registration is closed.

Registration includes...

  • Food

  • Lodging

  • Event t-shirt

  • Go Karts

  • Giant Swing

  • Lake Activities

  • Speaker Videos

  • Graduation Video

  • Special Event Videos


What is included in the price?

Food, lodging, amazing speakers, real life application, and a boatload of fun are all covered in the registration price. So besides your flight to Michigan or the gas you use to get to the camp (don’t forget your road trip snacks too), all you need to pay is the registration price!

Will I have time to do my school or other projects?

Sure! APEX is pretty busy during the mornings and evenings, but lots of students work on assignments and their studies while at camp. There are several free hours during the afternoon and later in the evening, and wifi is available in most buildings in the camp. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a study buddy!

What about food allergies?

The camp is able to accommodate pretty much any allergy under the sun. Shoot us an email at cabinet@lumerit.com, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

What airport should I fly into?

If you want to take advantage of the shuttle and not have to rent your own car, please fly into the Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR).

Is there a shuttle from the airport to the camp?

Yes! We will have at least two shuttles between GRR and the camp. The fee for the shuttle will be around $35, but we’ll be sure to let you know the exact details as APEX gets closer.

What time should I arrive?

If you’re driving in, be sure to arrive by 5, that way you can get settled into your cabin before dinner. If you’re flying, please schedule your flights to arrive by 3:00pm on Saturday the 17th, and leave after 3:00pm on the 21st.


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