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Donnie Emmack

Most of my life (all but the first 2 years) I have lived in Southwestern Missouri around 45 minutes north of Branson. I am definitely an oldie in the Unbound Community! Originally, I enrolled in Unbound in early 2014. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Liberty University in 2018. 

Through those years I have attended many events that have shaped my life. I have been blessed with the ability to learn and grow while doing things that I never could have foreseen prior to 2014. Just a few of these places I’ve visited with my Unbound friends include, Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, Colorado, and Illinois.

I am passionate about learning and self-improvement. Through the years I have been blessed in many ways, and I crave the opportunity to pass along as much as possible. I enjoy helping people to improve themselves through strategic planning and rational action. 

Hopefully, this year I will be able to assist in bringing together an Apex event that will change people’s lives for the better by offering them practical advice on how to build and maintain local communities.

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