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Hannah Caswell

Hi! This is Hannah Caswell coming to you from the far northwest corner of Illinois. I love where I live; there really is more to Illinois than Chicago and cornfields! I began my Lumerit journey in 2018 and am a Junior, working on my degree in Business Administration from Liberty University. Participating in the Business and Leadership program soon after joining Lumerit forced me (in a good way!) to meet my fellow Unbound students and be introduced to the Lumerit Unbound Community; an investment I probably wouldn’t have made on my own. BUT, I’ve been super blessed to get to know some of you and look forward to connecting with more of you at APEX 2020! When I’m not doing school, I enjoy playing music with my siblings, sports (like frisbee and volleyball), doing outside activities, and working with my hands. I’m honored to be a part of planning APEX for you all!!

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