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Hannah Schwindle

Hello! I’m Hannah and I currently live in northern Illinois. However, I spend much of my year traveling to visit friends, family, and old hometowns. When I’m not on the road or in the sky traveling, you can probably find me spending time with my friends and family, going on photography adventures, or working on various projects for work/committees I am on.

I have been around the Unbound community since the times of CollegePlus, and have been able to see how it’s changed and grown since my older siblings were a part of it. I’m currently at the very end of my degree in International Business which I am getting through Liberty University.

I’m very excited to be on the cabinet again this year, and cannot wait to see the topic of reshaping one’s culture play out at APEX: Forge. The Unbound community has shaped, sharpened, and supported me immensely the last few years, and that all started at the first APEX I attended. I hope for this event to have a similar impact on others, and for the students to take this content home and reshape their cultures right where they are.

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