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Hannah Schwindle

Although I’ve moved around quite a few times, my roots are currently in Wisconsin. I have been around the Unbound community since the times of CollegePlus, and have been able to see how it’s changed and grown since my older siblings were a part of it. I’m currently in my Junior year and am working towards an International Business degree through Liberty University. When I’m not on the road or in the sky traveling, you can probably find me reading, going on photography adventures, or interacting with my family and friends.

I’m very excited to be a member of the cabinet this year, and can’t wait to see this all played out at APEX 2020! My hope is that you will walk away from APEX with not only having connected with an amazing community, but also knowing how to take that and apply it at home. My first APEX changed my life and gave me some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had, and I hope that is what APEX continues to do.

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