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Tim Fisher

Hi! I'm Tim and I live in the Greater Cincinnati area when I'm at home. I love the adventures of traveling and have made some epic memories on trips to the Middle East and Central America. Although I think of myself as an introvert, I love meeting new people and learning about their lives, stories, and dreams!

I started my college journey with Unbound in August 2017 and am now a senior working on a BSBA in Accounting through Thomas Edison State University. Since I was introduced to the Unbound community in person at APEX: Spark North, I've jumped at almost every chance I've gotten to spend time with other students. I love the atmosphere of respect, fun, deep thinking, and intentionality that Unbounders create wherever they go!

I try to live life with an open hand, seeing each day as a gift with unique opportunities. My friends help me to not take myself too seriously and the Unbound community has helped me see a world bigger than my own. My goal is to help create an event this year at APEX that will do the same for you. It's about you identifying your unique opportunities to create positive change in your community and then seizing the initiative to make the change happen. Along the way, I'm certain that your horizons and networks will expand a lot!

I hope to see you there!

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